Walk outside on a cold winter day just after the first big snowfall and you can hear the hush in the air. Everything sounds different because that hush in the air is the snow absorbing sound. Now, compare that to walking into a gym where the sound bounces around and lingers in the room.

When sound hits a material, three things can happen. First, the snowfall and can be reflected; like in the gymnasium where it bounces off the hard walls and is redirected. Second, some of the sounds can be transmitted through lightweight materials, like thin office walls. Finally, the comparison that can be absorbed. What happens when it is absorbed? It gets trapped in the material and converted into an extremely small amount of heat. Don’t count on it as a replacement for your heating system.

Materials that absorb sound are porous, like the snow. The air gets trapped in between the little snow crystals (or fibres in other materials) and turned into heat. Our best way used to absorb and do a great work of soundproof is with our sound panel.

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